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On Deck Training Center

Program Overview

We’ve all heard it “PERFECT practice makes perfect!” On Deck knows how important training is to develop the complete player and that is our main goal. We offer private, custom-tailored, lessons for baseball and softball players. Our private lessons are individualized 30 or 60 minute sessions, with a professional instructor who will craft a training regimen tailored to meet your needs. Overall it is our goal to teach the players how to practice the right way in order to perfect the skills needed to succeed in game situations.
Individual lessons start with an initial evaluation where the instructor will assess the players current skill level then meet with the player and parents with feedback and training recommendations based on that player’s individual goals.

We typically start lessons at age 8 based on the evaluation. At younger ages the individual instruction may be too advanced or the player’s attention and motor skills are not at a point where individual lessons are needed. Please call the facility to book your child's evaluation at 484-420-4680.


John Cowell

General Manager

Matt Briner

Director of Baseball Operations

George Zirkel

Director of Pitching and Associate Director of Operations

Jess Redding

Director of Sports Performance & Softball Instructor

Noah Clement

Director of Player Development

Bill Ford

Baseball Instructor and Deckdogs Coach

Tommy Bradley

Baseball Instructor and Deckdogs Coach

Ken Brown

Baseball Instructor and Deckdogs Coach

Coy Walters

Baseball Instructor

Sheelin Mengel

Softball Instructor

Frank Saviski

Baseball Instructor and Deckdogs Coach


On Deck utilizes Mindbody as a scheduling software for individual lessons where you can see instructor availability and book lessons online. You may also call the facility as well to book (484) 420-4680. Please do not request lessons via email or texting instructors directly to guarantee receipt. Lessons start at age 8 and up both baseball and softball. Please call the facility to book all evaluations they cannot be booked online.


Private Lessons (1 player 30 minute packages)QuantityPriceTotalPurchase
30 Minute Evaluation1$25$25PURCHASE
Single Lesson 30 Minutes1$65$65PURCHASE

* Each Player is eligible for a 30 minute evaluation on their first visit for $25, you must call to schedule the initial eval they cannot be booked online. We typically start at age 8 and up for both baseball and softball. Single lessons and lesson package purchases are non-refundable, they may be transferred once or receive a credit for additional On Deck services. All lesson packages have an expiration date based on the number of lessons. The 5 and 10 packs expire 6 months from the purchase date. The 20 and 30 packs expire 1 year from the purchase date. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy in order not to lose the scheduled lesson.
30 Minute Private Lessons (60 minute lessons will now be booked as back to back 30 minute lessons)

Private Pitching Lessons with George Zirkel

Private Lessons (1 Hour)QuantityPrice Per LessonTotal
Single Lesson1$150$150
* Private Lessons with George focus on pitching instruction. Unlike our other Private instruction there is no required eval prior to the lessons. Lessons include Pitch Design work with the Rapsodo and Chronos Camera.

* Please contact our facility if you are interested in purchasing Private Lessons with George!
* To learn more about George visit "Our staff" on our website!